Healthy Beauty

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A Healthy Approach to a More Beautiful You!

The staff at the Women's Center knows true beauty begins on the inside and we believe that beauty should be as beneficial to your body as it is boosting to your confidence. It isn't enough to enhance your physical appearance if your overall health isn't in its best condition. We refer to our philosophy of overall health and vitality as "Healthy Beauty", the healthiest approach possible to a more beautiful you!

Our patients are encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle, which will contribute to maintaining or even improving their surgical results. We offer post-operative incentives such as complimentary sessions with a personal trainer or nutritionist, as well as pre-operative mammograms before breast surgery.

Below are some basic guidelines for beginning an exercise and healthy eating program:

Fitness For Life!
At the Women's Center for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, we recommend at least half an hour of moderate physical activity four to five times weekly, balancing aerobic exercise, resistance training, and stretching exercises. Studies show this is the best way to reduce and maintain body fat and increase lean muscle. If you have not exercised regularly in some time, work up to speed gradually. The Harvard Women's Health Watch program (below) is a good guide to use when starting an aerobics regime.

Week 1 5 min. 5 min. 5 min. 15 min
Week 2 5 min. 7 min. 5 min. 17 min.
Week 3 5 min. 9 min. 5 min. 19 min.
Week 4 5 min. 11 min. 5 min. 21 min.
Week 5 5 min. 13 min. 5 min. 23 min.
Week 6 5 min. 15 min. 5 min. 25 min.
Week 7 5 min. 18 min. 5 min. 28 min.
Week 8 5 min. 20 min. 5 min. 30 min.
Week 9 5 min. 23 min. 5 min. 33 min.
Week 10 5 min. 26 min. 5 min. 36 min.
Week 11 5 min. 28 min. 5 min. 38 min.
Week 12 5 min. 30 min. 5 min. 40 min.
Printed with permission from: HARVARD WOMEN'S HEALTH LETTER

Before beginning resistance training it is best to get advice from an exercise trainer.

Eat for Energy
Patients are encouraged to include a sensible diet with regular exercise into their lifestyle. When starting a new program, have patience! It usually takes about six months for eating well and exercising to become a habit. Effective weight management is not necessarily changing the things about our bodies we do not like, but taking responsibility for our health and well-being.