Arm Lift

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Arm Lift

Arm tissue relaxes with age, gravity and weight loss. The drooping of skin is from a stretching of the anchoring system of the arm and loss of supporting fat. Patients are very unhappy with this “loose hammock” appearance.

Brachioplasty (arm reduction surgery) can remove excess tissue and reduce the circumference of the upper arm. Surgical correction depends on the amount of extra skin and how loose the supporting tissues have become. Extra skin is removed from incisions along the inner arm. The incision must be placed where the tissue can be best tightened but the incision must be well hidden as well.


  • At first, patients must wear a compression bandage to hold the new contour of the arm. This bandage is removed after a week at most and any remaining stitches are typically removed before the first month is over.
  • The most common problem during recovery is swelling and bruising. Most swelling is controlled in the first week by the compression garment.
  • Most patients return to work after a week of healing at home. They are instructed to avoid heavy lifting and sports so as not to put stress on the healing tissues. It will take months before you are able to resume aerobics and upper arm exercise.
  • The full effect of the surgery won’t be apparent right away. In fact, depending on your rate of healing it could be anywhere from half a year to two years before your arms fully heal and your scars begin to disappear.

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