Getting to Know Dr. Diane Gibby

Getting to Know Dr. Diane Gibby

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Becoming a Surgeon

If you are reading this page, you’re likely aware that Dr. Diane Gibby is a renowned plastic surgeon—in Dallas and beyond.  Becoming a female plastic surgeon (especially in the 80s) is a rarity in itself with women only making up 4 percent of all the board-certified plastic surgeons in the United States due to extremely rigorous training programs and limited availability of spots.

Dr. Gibby graduated at the top of her class with a mission to become a cosmetic surgeon that truly advocates for an exclusively female patient base. While a skilled surgeon, her real gift is in genuinely listening and understanding her patient’s hopes, fears, insecurities, and dreams…. ones she knows all too well being a woman herself.

In 1992 Dr. Gibby founded the prestigious Women’s Center for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Dallas with a vision of promoting ‘healthy beauty’ and accommodating women’s physical, emotional and psychological needs arising from their individual body image concerns. Twenty-five years later Dr. Gibby is still addressing her patient’s concerns and accomplishments through every stage of their life.

Her Mission

Dr. Gibby understands that while orchestrating their busy lives, women often put others needs before their own. This fact became the motivation for focusing her cosmetic surgery practice exclusively on women and choosing to concentrate solely on body contouring procedures, including breast augmentation, lifts and reduction, body contouring, the ‘mommy makeover,’ implant replacement and removal and breast reconstruction. She understood that focusing on only these areas allows her to excel at these surgeries and also be able to convey her knowledge and understanding of the surgical outcomes of differing body shapes, sizes, and lifestyle choices to her patients. Great results equal happy patients.

Mother Love

Besides being a humble and caring surgeon, what you may not know about Dr. Gibby is that she is also a mother to two smart, successful and kind children—a son, Taylor, and a daughter, Rachel Nicole. It’s her children who inspired her to help other women achieve contentment, acceptance and even find joy with their bodies after experiencing pregnancy and the subsequent postpartum body changes that childbirth and breastfeeding can impart.

This is when she started performing ‘mommy makeovers’. She understands that nothing should overshadow the joy that pregnancy and raising a family brings and that the changes you see in your body with pregnancy are simply that. Changes. These changes associated with pregnancy, motherhood, and aging affect each woman differently and can most definitely be improved upon with new advances in surgical techniques.

Devoted to Her Job

Dr. Gibby isn’t a plastic surgeon to be patted on the back, to pull rank, or to receive public acclamation. She doesn’t have thousands of scientific lectures and hundreds of scholarly articles to list because she’s not just a caring, devoted plastic surgeon—she’s a caring and devoted mom. She’s chosen this professional career path to help address women’s most common, most private, and most poignant concerns.  And if you were to ask any of her patients or read her reviews you will find she has succeeded splendidly.

A quote from a source in the New York Times about women plastic surgeons states many female patients sentiments,  “A man can study the woman’s body forever, but many women believe he can never really understand how a woman is put together, mentally, emotionally, or physically.”[i]

“You’ve changed my life. I shouldn’t have waited so long to do this”—one of the best, and recurring compliments that Dr. Gibby has received in her entire career. Few people have the opportunity in their lifetime, not to mention as a byproduct of their profession, to say that they’ve been given this tremendous personal recognition. But Dr. Gibby prides herself on doing what is right and what is best for the patient—both physically and emotionally. And it shows.  Many of her patients have sought her out because she is a woman, and a mom, and cares and understands about body image and self-esteem. But mostly she cares about them. Dr. Gibby returns her own messages even when it is a new patient booking a consult.  She is ‘hands on’ every step of the way and her patients love her for it.

Watching, listening to, and observing her father, a pediatrician, helped spark Dr. Gibby’s interest in medicine when she was just a teenager. Her compassionate bedside manner also parlays into her love for animals—rescue cats, specifically—and eight of them, to be exact. In fact, if Dr. Gibby wasn’t a plastic surgeon, she said she would be working in an animal shelter. When Dr. Gibby’s not consulting with patients or in surgery, she’s outside gardening, spending time at her home, and enjoying time with her children and husband. 



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