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A.G. Age 62

I met Dr. Gibby when I scheduled a consultation to discuss having my breast implants replaced with smaller implants or removed altogether.

I had breast implants 15 years ago but always felt they were too big and was never comfortable with how I looked. At the time I tried to express my desire to have my breasts look ‘natural,’ but my plastic surgeon kept insisting I would not be happy with the size I chose and pushed for larger implants.  I finally agreed and trusted he knew what was best.

When I decided on another breast surgery to replace my implants with smaller ones, it was very important that I found a plastic surgeon that listened and was willing to discuss all of my options. A friend of mine who had been very pleased with her breast augmentation recommended Dr. Diane Gibby

Dr. Gibby spent an hour with me at my first appointment and listened to my concerns and desire for a different outcome from a second surgery. She made it was about what I wanted, not what she wanted for me, as I believed had been the case with my previous surgeon.  She discussed several options in detail and addressed all my questions and concerns.

I decided to have the implants removed and undergo a breast lift.  The surgery and recovery went very well, and she and her staff made me feel cared for and comfortable every step of the way.  After the surgery, Dr. Gibby would even call me at home to check in on me. I am very pleased with my updated look and only wish I had known about her for my first surgery!

J.W. Age 65

As a result of having an operating room background, I have had the opportunity to be exposed to surgeons with exceptional technical skills, and made my choice of a plastic surgeon accordingly.

Upon learning that my silicone implant that was placed some years ago was ruptured, I chose to discuss the possibility of removing and replacing both implants with Dr. Gibby. Not only does she have great technical skills, but has chosen to limit her practice to women’s body contouring procedures. Her expertise in this specialty makes her a plastic surgeon to be sought after!

Dr. Gibby’s office staff was very caring and accommodating to my concerns and schedule. Dr. Gibby was able to examine me and consult with me regarding my desires and expectations. I found her incredibly caring and easier to talk to than the male surgeons I had used in the past. She was compassionate, confident and reassuring regarding my surgical outcome. I appreciated that she discussed how she would approach the surgery, letting me know what could be done as well as what she would not do. I totally entrusted my care to her, and I am so glad that I did!

The entire process from scheduling through my recovery phase went smoothly and exactly as discussed. I am so pleased with the results! I have and will continue to refer friends and colleagues to Dr. Gibby.

A Happy a 62 year old Mother and Grandmother

My husband and I were looking for a Plastic Surgeon, our number one concern was an experienced one!

We are from a small town and there are not any Plastic Surgeons around this area, that we knew about so we began to look online. We happened to run across Dr. Diane Gibby, and we knew at that moment we wanted to make an appointment with her.

Dr. Gibby is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has earned membership in ASAPS, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which is important to consider when choosing a Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Gibby was very thorough when the surgery was decided on, she answered all our questions. I was having a breast lift with implants. Blood test, EKG & mammogram were done to be sure I was ready for surgery. We were able to get all prescriptions ahead of time, so they would be there when I needed them, which was very convenient.

The surgery was done in January, 2014, and it does take awhile to heal, and a lot of patience and you also have to go through some pain, the outcome has been wonderful. My clothes fit better, and My husband & I are very happy with the results.

I would like to thank Dr. Gibby , her Office and Surgery Staff for a wonderful experience, everyone made us feel at ease, and always professional. Looking forward to seeing Dr, Diane Gibby & her staff again.


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